About the knives

You can’t make good knives if you don’t use good materials.   When I started in 2002, it was almost impossible for me to find any ‘modern’ materials like titanium, carbon fiber, G10, …

Most of the other Belgian knife makers only used wood, antler or bone as handle material and Carbon steel as blades.

I wanted to make something different, something that was ‘deviant’, ‘out of the box.


I love using RWL-34 as bladesteel for folders.  It’s easy to work with and it holds a great edge.   When I can’t get this, I also use N690 and M390 (wich is a pain to work with).  All these stainless steels are heattreated professionally in Germany.

Most of my prototypes are made of A2 carbon steel.  This is because I can harden this steel myself.

Carbon fiber is gorgeous, but it’s a hassle to work with.  It’s a dirty, dangerous material.  I hate using it, but love it when it’s finished.

Zirconium:  Awesome as a bolster material.  This stuff burns my fingers almost everytime I use it, but it looks amazing when anodized.  You can get it almost black.

Titanium: A must have for modern knifemakers. Especially framelocks need this material.  It’s strong, lightweight and can be anodized in many different colors.

Superconductor: A copper/titanium/niobium alloy wich is

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